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  • mission

    ADOPT그룹은 구조를 탐구하는 집단입니다. 우리는 공학도들이 자신의 역량을 강화하기 위해 전문 지식과 기술을 갖추게 하고 이를 통해서 스스로 문제해결형 리더로 성장하게 하는 것을 목표로 하고 있습니다. We (The ADOPT) are a group of people exploring structure. We are committed to empowering engineering students by equipping the knowledge and skills to transform themself into solution-driven leaders.

  • CAGD

    Computer Aided Geometric Design (CAGD) is a crucial technique in structural anaysis and design optimization. The CAGD can be categorized into several geometric definitions such as Coons patch, Bezier surface and NURBS. It can be effectively used to generate the FE mesh for continuum and discrete structures. The utilization of CAGD is powerful in shape…

  • ant colony optimization

    A structural optimization procedure utilizing ant colony optimization (ACO) is proposed for design optimization of truss structures. Total weight of structure to be minimized is considered as the objective function and the allowable stresses for compression and tension and maximum displacement are adopted as constraints. The truss design problem is transformed into a modified traveling salesman problem (TSP). Therefore, the network of the…

  • genetic algorithm

    The GA mimics the principles of nature and it can gradually improve structural design through biological operations such as fitness, selection, crossover and mutation. Recently, premature optimum has been often obtained during the generic GA process with continuous design variable. Therefore, the so-called re-birthing technique has been proposed to avoid this problem. The perfomance of re-birthing technique on the…

  • topology optimization

    Topology optimization (TO) technique has been developoed to find the best possible layout (material distribution) of structures. Figure shows a result of 3D topology optimization using the constrained adaptive topology optimization (CATO) algorithm. From the initial hexahedron shape of design domain with natural and essential boundary conditions, the optimum topology is produced. Publication

  • shape optimization

    Shape Optimization is carried out to maximize the performance (or minimize the weight) of stucture in a way of changing structural form. The computer aided geometric design (CAGD) is fundamntally used to control the shape of spatial structure for design optimization with user defined objective and constraint functions. Publication

  • size optimization

    Size Optimization is carried out for the decision of the inital member size distribution of a roof structure. We first calculate the deflection and member stress distributions of roof structure. This information is then used to prepare the grouping of structural members for size optimization. In this optimization of roof structure, the strain energy of the roof structure is adopted as objective…

  • fully integrated design optimization

    fully integrated design optimization (FIDO) can produce a novel structure which satisfies all the necessary structural and design requirements. It has been propsed for design optimization of structures. Figure shows an example of FIDO to create arch-like structures. As an example, FIDO started from simple design domain with two supports. We may simply consider the self-weight to…

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